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5-6 iunie Timisoara, Universitatea Politehnica

Drupal for Higher Education and Virtual Learning

Business & Showcases

Drupal is constantly being implemented as a base framework for a variety of applications in Higher Education, ranging from community based learning content management systems (LCMS) and virtual learning environments to large scale institutional repositories.

This session will focus on some of Drupal based/integrated solutions for Higher Education:

  • Building institutional repositories with Islandora: "Islandora combines the Drupal and Fedora Commons software applications to create a robust digital asset management system that can be used for any requirement where collaboration and digital data stewardship, for the short and long term, are critical."
  • Online training solutions (video/VOIP): two open source solutions are currently being integrated with Drupal - BigBlueButton and DimDim providing support for web conferencing.

This session will also present several showcases of Drupal based applications currently under development at National School of Political and Administrative Sciences at Bucharest.