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5-6 iunie Timisoara, Universitatea Politehnica

What's as special-blue as Drupal and as fun as Timisoara?

Claudiu Cristea

...the bikes offered to you by tBike at this year's Drupalcamp!

There's nothing better than riding an elegant blue bike to a Drupal conference!

Experience the city of Timisoara and the first Drupacamp in Romania with your own bicycle, at your own pace. You can also choose a biker-guide to help you and your friends get the most out of your stay in Timisoara.

He'll show you the landmarks and he’ll tell you everything you want to know about the city.

Make your stay in Timisoara Drupal-blue-special! tBike is delighted to help out the Worldwide Drupal Community by offering the conference attendees 10 bikes. A blue tBike for a true Drupaller! is our new Media Partner

Claudiu Cristea

We announce that has become Media Partner for Drupalcamp Timisoara 2010. is a portal that provides a professional network and a human resources database for IT&C experts., media partner of Drupalcamp Timisoara 2010

Andreea Ungureanu

We are glad to see that besides the fans, Drupalcamp can add also many supporters, and among the latest we count, mobile phones and mobile technology portal, offering free ads, discussion forum, a leading mobile phones and latest news of mobile telephony, has become the new media partner of Drupalcamp Timisoara in 2010. is established in Timisoara and is one of the most important sites for reviews of telephony and mobile technology from Romania.

You can find out more by visiting their website at or follow them on Twitter at @mobilissimo

The Next Web Romania - The Newest Drupalcamp Media Partner

Radu Ticiu

We are welcoming The Next Web Romania as a new media partner that joined forces with Drupalcamp Romania in order to promote the event and to inform those interested on the June Camp's proceedings.

With the editors of the Romanian edition located in Timisoara, The Next Web is the fastest growing online technology news service. The Next Web was launched in January 2008 as a spin off to The Next Web Conference. Soon after, the site found a life of its own and the potential to stand as a gloabally relevant technology site became reality. The growth was remarcable and TNW is currently serving 1,250,000 unique visitors a month and records more than 750,000 followers on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

In the last two and a half years, The Next Web structered as a network of over 20 blogs: “glocal” blogs with technology news in languages other then English, regional blogs with technology news in English from across the world's continents, and theme channels focused on selected topics like Apps, Apple or Viral Sensations.

We are looking forward to meet Adrian Bojinca and Crina Dragomir during DrupalCamp Romania sessions (and after parties, of course!) and have the spririt of Drupal reflected in The Next Web Romania posts.

Arena Biz as Media Partner for the event

Claudiu Cristea

We are proud to announce that Arena Biz has become our new media partner. Welcome Arena Biz!

Arena Biz is a portal dedicated to entrepreneurship, who wants to show that there are Romanian entrepreneurs who not only talk about their dreams, but they put them into practice. Arena Biz follows the online entrepreneurship events: courses, workshops and mentoring programs for entrepreneurs.

You can find out more by visiting their website at or follow them on Twitter at @arenabiz

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