Content related to drupalcamp en Primul Drupalcamp din România <p>Primul eveniment de marcă al <a href="">Asociaţiei Drupal România</a> este organizarea pentru prima dată în România a <a href="">Drupalcamp</a> la Timişoara în 5-6 iunie 2010. Evenimentul, organizat în parteneriat cu <a href="">Universitatea Politehnica din Timişoara</a>, va reuni sute utilizatori şi dezvoltatori din România, Ungaria, Ucraina, spațiul ex-iugoslav precum şi speakeri din comunitatea globală <a href="">Drupal</a>.</p> <p>Pe lângă <a href="">Universitatea Politehnica din Timişoara</a> suntem susținuți ca și parteneri de către: <a href="">Liga Studenţilor de la Facultatea de Automatică şi Calculatoare</a> și <a href="">Incubatorul de Afaceri Software</a>. O serie de alte organizaţii şi companii şi-au anunţat deja susţinerea pentru acest eveniment. Vom reveni cu deltalii pe măsura definitivării acordurilor de colaborare.</p> drupal events drupalcamp partners timisoara Tue, 16 Feb 2010 08:51:49 +0000 claudiu 43 at The first romanian Drupalcamp <p><a href="">Drupal Romania Association</a> currently organizes its first major event, the <a href="">Timisoara 2010 Drupalcamp</a>, taking place during 5th and 6th of June, 2010. The event is organized in partnership with the <a href="">"Politehnica" University of Timisoara</a> and will host hundreds of users and developers from Romania, Hungary, Ucraine, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia and other Central and East European states, as well as speakers from the global Drupal Community.</p> <p>In addition to <a href="">"Politehnica" University of Timisoara</a> we are supported as partners by: <a href="">League of Students from the Faculty of Automatics and Computers</a> and <a href="">Software Business Incubator</a>. A number of other organizations and companies have already announced their support for this event. We will return with details after completion of collaboration agreements.</p> drupal events drupalcamp partners timisoara Tue, 16 Feb 2010 08:36:28 +0000 claudiu 40 at What is a Drupalcamp? <p>It's an event aimed to leverage the sharing of knowledge about <a href="">Drupal</a> and to facilitate learning <a href="">Drupal</a> in an open environment. Drupalcamp is an intense, participant-driven event, hosting workshops and demos, and following the format of “unconferences” as opposite to official conferences (such as OSCON, DrupalCon, LinuxCon, etc.). Participants submit proposals before the event is held, and the schedule is designed based on these proposals. The overall goals of Drupalcamp are to connect local and regional communities and to allow the sharing of knowledge. Drupalcamps are community sharing and training events for Drupal enthusiasts.</p> <p>This is the first Drupalcamp from Romania, in Timisoara.</p> community drupal events drupalcamp Mon, 15 Feb 2010 12:28:09 +0000 admin 12 at