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5-6 iunie Timisoara, Universitatea Politehnica

What's as special-blue as Drupal and as fun as Timisoara?

Claudiu Cristea

...the bikes offered to you by tBike at this year's Drupalcamp!

There's nothing better than riding an elegant blue bike to a Drupal conference!

Experience the city of Timisoara and the first Drupacamp in Romania with your own bicycle, at your own pace. You can also choose a biker-guide to help you and your friends get the most out of your stay in Timisoara.

He'll show you the landmarks and he’ll tell you everything you want to know about the city.

Make your stay in Timisoara Drupal-blue-special! tBike is delighted to help out the Worldwide Drupal Community by offering the conference attendees 10 bikes. A blue tBike for a true Drupaller!