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5-6 iunie Timisoara, Universitatea Politehnica

Frequently Asked Questions

It's an event aimed to leverage the sharing of knowledge about Drupal and to facilitate learning Drupal in an open environment. Drupalcamp is an intense, participant-driven event, hosting workshops and demos, and following the format of “unconferences” as opposite to official conferences (such as OSCON, DrupalCon, LinuxCon, etc.). Participants submit proposals before the event is held, and the schedule is designed based on these proposals. The overall goals of Drupalcamp are to connect local and regional communities and to allow the sharing of knowledge. Drupalcamps are community sharing and training events for Drupal enthusiasts.

This is the first Drupalcamp from Romania, in Timisoara.

The event will take place in English. There is only one exception, a presentation regarding Romanian Community that will be in Romanian.

Drupal is a free opensource content management system written in the PHP programming language and distributed under the GPL ("GNU General Public License"). It is used as a back-end system for many different types of websites, ranging from small personal blogs to Enterprise 2.0 collaboration and knowledge management uses to large corporate and political sites, including and

Yes! Sessions will both cover beginers and advanced Drupalers. The official DrupalCon is a chance to learn more about where modules are moving in the future, and to meet the people behind the modules you use. In contrast, our tracks tend to cater to newbies and professionals working with Drupal. Showcase sessions show off excellent sites built with Drupal, by explaining what they do and how the were built. There are plans to hold beginner and immediate level sessions while other tracks can focus on development.

The Romania Drupal Community is an informal organization of people from Romania interested in Drupal. We hold meetings to discuss Drupal and share new things we've learned, in diferent city in Romania like: Cluj, Timisoara, Bucharest, which anyone can attend. Before the meetings, and sometimes at other times, we have "co-working" time, where we meet and work on our own Drupal projects, in an atmosphere of sharing ideas. We have a forum, where people post Drupal jobs, ask questions, and announce news of interest to the local Drupal community. And we also put on Drupalcamps.

The event is June 5th and 6th! Sessions can be submitted by registered attendees up until May 30. At some point we will open up voting to all attendees. On June 1th the schedule will be announced.

Timişoara, Temeschburg, Temesvár, Темишвар... "Politehnica" University of Timişoara Vasile Pârvan Blvd., no. 2
See our "Getting there" page.

Free! really. Thanks to our amazing sponsors, we’re pretty sure our costs are covered. We still have a few loose ends, and we were originally setup to take between $5-$20 for admission… and unless we’ve missed something, it appears our costs will be covered.

Any attendee can submit a session for consideration. You will need to create an account on this site, register as an attendee, and then submit a session. We will make an announcement once the session proposal will be open.
As soon as sessions have been submitted we will allow voting on the sessions. Once voting is complete a mix of sessions will be selected taking into account the votes and the bias among voters (voters will be registered well in advance of most attendees and are more likely to want advanced sessions, so some sessions with a focus on the beginner user may get selected over an advanced topic with lots of votes).

We don’t know yet. We’re expecting everybody that loves Drupal or wants to know more about Drupal. We expect we can comfortably host up to 350 people.

Everything about you related to Drupalcamp Timisoara is here. We’ll pull your full name for your conference badge from here, along with some other information to make meeting like-minded people easier.

Unfortunately, no. Each person’s profile holds their conference registration information.

We’ll send you a few emails leading up to the conference, but that’s it. Then when you sign in at Drupalcamp Timisoara all you need to do is provide your registration info.
Yes! Check out the different packages here and contact us.
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