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5-6 iunie Timisoara, Universitatea Politehnica

Eat your own dog food! Why you should use Open Atrium to manage your projects.

Business & Showcases

Are you still not using Drupal to manage your projects? Since July 2009 excuses are running thin. It's time to "eat your own dog food"!

In this session you'll get an introduction to Open Atrium and the tools we are developing for Knowledge and Project management in Open Atrium. I will talk amongst others about:

  • Graphmind, a mindmap module for Drupal that allows you to upload mindmaps to your Drupal site and even use data from your site to build mindmaps.
  • Faceted insert, an asynchronous faceted search interface that lets you search for text snippets and then add them to the text you are writing
  • Bubbletimer: a time tracking solution for Drupal
  • Our plans for a unified chat channel for Open Atrium where you can receive near realtime notification from Open Atrium and how we use XMPP to make it scalable.
  • a RDFa WYSIWYG editor that allows users to mark up snippets in a text and so indicate the different contexts that the information can be useful in.
  • Semantic filters and layers: which let's users change the markup of text depending of the relevancy of their semantic context (e.g. advanced level, knowledge space, etc.).
  • a bookmarklet feature for Drupal (javascript snippets that live in your bookmark toolbar) that makes it really simple to submit snippets of text that you encounter on the internet as solutions for a problem you are working on.