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5-6 iunie Timisoara, Universitatea Politehnica

Drupal distributed architecture: the stuff that clouds are made off


The goal of this session is to:

  • Highlight 2 important code trends that put Drupal at the cutting edge of the web
  • Classify composite and mixed site architecture options
  • Highlight the most important technologies you can use to implement these architectures
  • Share my battle plan for world domination

This session is a meta session about architecture. In this presentation you'll learn about the different composite and mixed site architectures solutions in Drupal, their individual (dis)advantages and the technologies you could use to implement them.

Architectures that will be addressed amongst others are:

  • Organic groups
  • Domain access
  • Installation profile powered multi-site setups
  • Drupal service clouds, in which features are distributed over more than one specialized site
  • Master-servant content propagation through RSS
  • Integration with third party services (Apache Solr, Alfresco, etc.)

Technologies that will be addressed amongst others are:

  • Aegir: one site to monitor and update all the other Drupal sites
  • Table wizard
  • Views 3
  • RDF
  • Remote blocks, references and views
  • Deploy
  • Spaces, Context and Features