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5-6 iunie Timisoara, Universitatea Politehnica

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The city is located on the Bega river wich is one of the few navigable rivers in Romania. Throught history the city of Timisoara has been under difrent dominatios like the Turkish, Hungarian or Austrian all of these periods contributing significantly to the culture and infrastructure of the city. The first documentary attestation of the city is a bit controversial being placed by specialists either in 1212 or in 1266. In 1175 is mentioned the Timis County, but the sources don’t say wich is the economic and administrative center of the county. Also known as the Cetate – Castrum Temesiense located at the crossroads of commercial and military lines, becoming the main objective of the conflict between Austrians and Turkish armies and then lusted after by Hungaryan aristocracy. The town-planning of Timisoara developed around its fortified center starting in the 18th century.

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