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5-6 iunie Timisoara, Universitatea Politehnica


Saturday, June 5

Presentation Resources
Mihai Fratu: OpenMap - OpenLayers and Drupal Video, by @tanarurkerem
Kristof Van Tomme: Eat your own dog food! Why you should use Open Atrium to manage your projects.
Mihai Corlan: Building a Drupal module with Flex
Maria Diaconu: The Agile Road
Gabriel Dragomir: Drupal for Higher Education and Virtual Learning
Gábor Hojtsy: Come for the software, stay for the community - how Drupal improves and evolves
Alexandru Badiu: Publish and Subscribe
Andrei Savu: Drupal Search on steroids using Apache Solr

Sunday, June 6

Presentation Resources
Alexandru Badiu: Using Features
Mihai Ceusan: Tips and tricks for building Entreprise / Large web applications with Drupal
Gábor Hojtsy: What's up with Drupal 7?
Tamás Demeter: DBTNG
Vlad Socaciu: Ubercart-powered online concept store
Kristof Van Tomme: Drupal distributed architecture: the stuff that clouds are made off
Radu Ticiu: Building up more active (euro)regional Drupal communities