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5-6 iunie Timisoara, Universitatea Politehnica

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Slides & Videos

Claudiu Cristea

Want to see what was consumed at Drupalcamp? Check out the Presentations page. You'll find there video recordings and presentation slides of most of the sessions.

Still waiting for some slide presentations to be shared. Enjoy!


Session proposal submission closes on May 31st

Claudiu Cristea

You can still submit your session proposals for Drupalcamp Timisoara. Check the proposed sessions and add something that you want to share with the community.

Session proposal submission closes on May 31st.

In the meantime you can vote on sessions. The tally will serve as a guideline for the session selection committee, who will assemble the session schedule for Drupalcamp. The voting ends also on May 31st.

The speakers will be notified and the schedule is posted on June 1st.

Open for Session Proposals

Claudiu Cristea

We are ready for Session Proposals on Drupalcamp Timisoara 2010. If you feel that you have something to share in the "Drupal World" and you are a registered participant, you can submit a session proposal.

In few days all participants to Drupalcamp Timisoara will be able to vote/favorite sessions they like. Session proposals will close few days before the conference. We will announce this date in the near future.

What language will be used?

The event will take place in English. There is only one exception, a presentation regarding Romanian Community that will be in Romanian.

How will sessions be selected?

As soon as sessions have been submitted we will allow voting on the sessions. Once voting is complete a mix of sessions will be selected taking into account the votes and the bias among voters (voters will be registered well in advance of most attendees and are more likely to want advanced sessions, so some sessions with a focus on the beginner user may get selected over an advanced topic with lots of votes).

How do I submit a session?

Any attendee can submit a session for consideration. You will need to create an account on this site, register as an attendee, and then submit a session. We will make an announcement once the session proposal will be open.
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